Art.1 Commitment

  • Participants can only register by using our online registration & payment form : (
  • This enduro ride day is only open to enduro motorcycles (Quads are not admitted)
  • Maximum 300 riders
  • Will only be registered those who will have paid online (Paypal transaction)
  • Participation fees : 90€ + deposit of 50€ (registration and payment to be done online :
  • Why a 50 € deposit ?

This deposit shall be refunded (+/5 days) after the event if you have complied with all the rules and safety regulations that apply for this organisation. In case of damages caused by the non respect of all the rules and safety regulations, your deposit will be kept and used for rehabilitation.

Shall you wish to withdraw your registration this must be done at least 6 days prior to our event (before the 7th of March 2021 by e-mail notification to , your online registration will be refunded but reduced by an amount of 30€ for administrative fees. In all other cases, only the deposit will be refunded.

A numbered sticker will be handed over to each participant after the bike inspection. That sticker will have to be placed at the front of the motorcycle during the entire event.

Art. 2 Bike conformity

Your motorcycle will have to be road legal.

Before departure we will inspect your bike to make sure it does comply with legal and safety regulations, the following points will strictly be monitored :

  • Security features (brakes and wheels)
  • Front and back lights (+ stop light)
  • Your bike should not make more than 94 db at high rpm (FMB regulations)
  • FIM tires (front and rear) are mandatory

Cross tires are not authorized (these are indeed not homologated for a use on open roads and feature bigger studs that are not authorized by the local authorities who grant us access to private and usually forbidden places during that day event)

  • Rear fender shall feature a stop light + your bike plate (of at least a small reproduction of it). We deeply advise you to have the original with you in case of police controls)

All bikes not in accordance with above points will not be accepted for departure.

Art. 3  Rider safety equipment

Safety helmet (homologated by the rules of the road) is mandatory

Each rider must be in possession of its insurance card, driving licence and bike registration form. The pilot(driver) will have to sign an affidavit of the present regulation before departure.

Art. 4 The route

Our route will make you use local open roads, public off-roads, countryside and wood paths… accessible and feasible by anyone at anytime without external help.

The marking of our trip will be seen on the RIGH HANDSIDE of the path to be followed.

Our marking signs will be explained before departure.

Any rider who inadvertently leaves our path will have to take it back right from where he left it.

In case of extreme circumstances, the organizer, can reduce or modify the route.

Art. 5 Departures

Technical and administrative verifications will be open from 8.00 AM.

Departures will take place from 9.00 AM by group of 3 or 4 riders maximum, every minute. Last departure : 10.30 AM.

Art. 6 Rider behavior

Each rider must comply with the road signs and rules. Please make sure to particularly drive slowly in small villages.

Any riding attitude considered as dangerous can lead to the exclusion to our enduro ride day. Our route stays open for any other person (cyclists, pedestrians, horse riders…)… so be vigilant ! You don’t have the right of way.

Any rider who would not rescue another wounded rider will be penalized after verification.

Any rider must comply with all marking signs (open roads and our signs). Any rider who will be seen not respecting these will be excluded from our organisation and will not get its deposit back.

Organizers cannot be taken responsible for any damage, accident or theft arisen to your bike, accessories or equipment during the event. Organizers cannot either be taken responsible for any damage, incident and /or accident caused by another participant.

Pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders have in all circumstances priority over you ! When such users are encountered please make sure to slow down, step aside and cut your engine if necessary.

The leader of a group of riders must always warn the others with a hand sign asking the rest of the group to slow down in case of encounter with pedestrians, cyclists or horse riders.

Remember : saying “hello” to these other users won’t hurt you 😉 but can decrease tensions.


All these rules are put in place in order to make you enjoy this enduro trip and to ensure the long term existence of this organisation. You’ll be passing through protected zones where passing authorization has specifically be granted to us for this single day event ONLY. It is therefore extremely important that you strictly follow the given path and don’t ride outside of that track. Shall you go accidentally off-track, you must immediately head back to it from where you left it.

For any given reason, shall you realize that you won’t be able to make it until the end (bike/engine failure, tiredness, …), you must contact the organisation team thanks to the phone number which will be given to you during the administrative inspection.

  • In case of accident, participant must contact the organization team or call the emergency at all means.
  • Make sure to respect environment (don’t litter), respect fences and plantings.
  • Do not penetrate private property unless indicated with our marking signs
  • Please make sure to leave the parking in the same state as when you arrived (do not litter)
  • Do not start fire on the parking site.
  • Pets and animals shall be kept on leash
  • Any mechanic operation to your engine shall be conducted above a environmental mat.
  • Make sure to limit as much as possible the movements with motorcycles, scooter etc in the parking area for everyone’s safety.
  • You are subject to civil liability in case of accident.